Customer and sales interface

Offer your customers the best of both worlds : the digital experience of a software platform and the trust of a relationship with a small cyclologistics business.

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Customer relations flow better

Introduce a customer within a few clicks, opening them an account with individual access. Spend less time on the phone or writing emails. Reassure your customer offering them real-time tracking over their deliveries. They are 100% autonomous, on laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

Customer relations flow better

Designed for any bike delivery plan

Gather all your deliveries in one place, with interfaces tailored to each client. From the parcel picked up at a local store to cross-docking in a hub for major courier groups. From the wholesaler storing in your warehouse to the e-commerce startup requesting reverse logistics and storage. From waste collection for the municipal community to picking up goods from a producer.

Designed for any bike delivery plan

Bill your clients easily

Configure pricing grids tailor-made for your customers. Offer them visibility over prices and extra charges. Bill at the end of the month without fuss, with complete file exports of all deliveries.

Bill your clients easily

Manage Unexpected Events

Unexpected events are inevitable in logistics. They can be caused by your client (package not ready for pickup), by you (courier error), or by external factors (icy conditions causing delays). In any case, it's important to handle them properly to keep clients and recipients informed and to impact billing if necessary.

Manage Unexpected Events

Delivery order

Each type of customer has its delivery ordering interface

  • Customised manual form

    Every customer has a form, adapted to its specific situation.

  • Spreadsheet import

    Your customers can import all their deliveries directly into Cyke from their own monitoring tools.

  • Platforms and shipping agents

    All-in-one integration with Coursicab, Woop, Socléo, Fleurs d'Ici, Storeshippers, MyTrooperS…

  • E-commerce Plugins

    E-commerce platform logo Shopify E-commerce platform logo WooCommerce

    Your ecommerce customers can easily connect their Shopify and WooCommerce online shops to Cyke in just a few clicks.

  • API integration

    Your customers with a complete software and an IT team can plug it into Cyke to automate their deliveries.

  • EDI Interface

    Cyke understands EDI flows and the INOVERT® standard to automate exchanges with transportation companies.

Main features

Address book

Recurring deliveries

Real-time tracking

SMS notifications

Monthly reports

Tailor-made pricing grids

Customised parcels for each customer

Returns to collect

Incidents management

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