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Simple management for your bike delivery

  • Monthly fee: 50 €
  • 100 included deliveries
  • 0,25€ / additional delivery
  • Free onboarding
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Full-support of your delivery business

  • Monthly fee: 500 €
  • 2000 included deliveries
  • 0,15 € / additional delivery
  • Free onboarding
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Essential Sérénité
Order taking interfaces for your customers
Task dispatch among your messengers
Delivery mobile applications for your messengers
Delivery tracking for recipients
0,05 € / SMS sent

0,05 € / SMS sent
Metric dashboards to monitor your business
Business introduction
Guided onbaording Video call Half-day on-site training
Pricing Standard pricing editor + 1 integrated custom pricing
Customer service Email 24h Email 24h + telephone 24h
API Autonomous API access Technical customer service
Quarterly follow-up meetings

Frequently asked questions

Who can use Cyke?

All organizations that perform the majority of their deliveries by bicycle and adhere to the responsible cyclologist manifesto are invited to use Cyke.

What is the commitment duration?

It is possible to stop using Cyke at any time. However, the committed month will still be charged based on actual usage.

How can I open my Cyke account?

Get in touch with us! We can offer you a demo so that you can discover in detail how Cyke works. We will answer all your questions. If you want to open an account, we will ask you for the necessary information, and the account can be opened within the day. However, we advise against doing it last minute if you have urgent delivery needs, to allow time to get familiar with the software.

Are there discounts for cooperatives and non-profit associations?

As a cooperative, Cargonautes aims to assist social and solidarity economy enterprises. Cooperatives and non-profit associations can benefit from a discount on the chosen pricing. Contact us to discuss it.

Can I contribute? Is Cyke open source?

We are considering making Cyke open source in the medium term. If you have skills in web or mobile application development, feel free to contact us to discuss it.