Dispatch and operations

Your human skills are essential to deliver high standards of service.
Stay in control while being assisted by the software.

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Prepare cyclologistics rounds

Build your rounds made of pickups at your hub, external pickups and dropoffs. Visualise the constraints of each delivery (timeslots, localisation, load…) and choose wisely. Quickly optimise a route with keyboard shortcuts. Anticipate and simulate ETAs according to departure time.

Prepare cyclologistics rounds

Track operations in real-time

Assign rounds to your messengers throughout the day. Track the activity, prevent delays, avoid delivery failures, handle incidents. Keep your customers informed and take action when needed. Keep an eye on everyone's day to reduce fatigue and maintain well-being.

Track operations in real-time

Keep track of your rolling stock

Track the usage of each bike and trailer over time. Report breakdowns and associated repairs to know about the conditon of your fleet. Make sure you have quality and adequate rolling stock.

Keep track of your rolling stock

Manual operations

Optimise the hub of a small cyclologistics business. Manage your customers off-site stock and prepare their parcels. Prepare your messengers' parcels departing from your hub so that your messengers only have to start loading and get going.

Manual operations


Intuitive and visual dispatch

Round design

Messenger assignment

Filter by hour, client, delivery type

Estimated time of arrival

Bike load Graph

Multiple pickups at the same place

Pickups at your hub and external pickups

Mobile phone alternative

Operational control

Real-time tracking

Incident manager

Statistics dashboard

Messenger timetables

Rolling stock management

Breakdown and repairs tracking

Parcel sorting

Round preparation

Parcel preparation

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